Project Description

black spacers1

EPRUI Biotech has developed black microspheres based on patented technology which are composites of silica and polymer beads. These composite microspheres are blacker and darker than any other competitors’ in the market.  Applied as spacer beads in liquid crystal displays (LCD), black microspheres can not only control the thickness of liquid crystal layer but also prevent leakage of light through the microspheres to improve the contrast of the LCD panel.  When disperse black microspheres in a medium for the application, the dark color does not tarnish or leach out of the microspheres.

  1. Uniform in size and shape, coefficient of variation (CV) ≤ 3.5%
  2. Good dispersity, no overlaps or aggregates
  3. High purity, no leachables, compliance with RoHS regulations
  4. Good mechanical strength
  5. Exceptional stability toward chemicals and resistance to heat and cold

We accept customization for special particle size!

Specific Gravity g/cm3


Decomposition temperature ℃ air


Refractive index (Sodium D line)


K at 10% deformation Kgf/mm2