1. Send Inquiry E-mails
Please send inquiries or any questions you are interested to [email protected]Our sales representative usually will reply the customers’ e-mail within 24 hours. If with no response, please try alternative e-mail by [email protected] or call us directly 86-21-60346644

2. Specify Order Quantity
Please specify exact order quantity in the inquiry e-mail since different order quantities have different price.

3. Quote
We will offer a reasonable price to the required items.

4. Price Negotiation
EPRUI promises to offer competitive price. If you are still unsatisfied with the price, we accept price negotiations. An official “Quote Sheet” will be sent to you if decide to order.

5. PO and PI
If decide to order, please send PO. for confirmation. We will send you PI once receives the PO.
If there is no PO., we can send PI directly if decide to order.

6. Payment
For small payment, paypal, wire transfer or West Union are all accepted. For large amount, we can negotiate an agreed payment method.