What is LCD spacer?

What is LCD spacer

LCD spacers support the two glass panels in a liquid crystal display (LCD). Uniform microspheres are the ideal material used in LCD screens to provide a precision spacing. It will make a flatter LCD screen. If there is no LCD spacer, the panels will dent and make the screen uneven.

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Requirement of LCD spacers

A precise control of LCD cell gap containing liquid crystal is critical to achieving the best display performance.

Spherical particles used to control the thickness of the liquid crystal layer must meet stringent requirements such as precise particle size, tight particle size distribution, suitable hardness, and excellent resistance against heat, cold and chemicals.

Features of EPRUI’s LCD spacer

We supplies a wide selection of LCD spacers made of different matrix including plastic spacers, silica spacer and black spacers. All types of EPRUI’s LCD spacers have the features below.

  • Uniform sphere and smooth surface
  • Accurate particle size control
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • Excellent resistance against heat, cold and chemicals
  • Easy to disperse and no aggregation
  • Excellent mechanical strength and superior crush resistance
  • Free from contaminations

Product List


Conductive Ni Particles

EPRUI supplies highly uniform nickel plated particles which has high conductivity and appropriate elasticity. There is also a strong adhesion between the metal layer and the resin core of EPRUI conductive Ni particles. As a conductive filler, Nickel conductive spacers are used in coatings, adhesives, printing ink, plastics, and [...]


Conductive Au Particles

EPRUI Biotech provides high quality gold plated spacers for microelectronic packaging in electronics manufacturing. With better resolutions and decreasing number of circuit chips or modules in liquid-crystal displays (LCD), the input/output (I/O) density in integrated circuit increases while the size and pitch of the interconnection bumps become very small. [...]


Black Spacers

EPRUI Biotech has developed black microspheres based on patented technology which are composites of silica and polymer beads. These composite microspheres are blacker and darker than any other competitors’ in the market. Applied as spacer beads in liquid crystal displays (LCD), black microspheres can not only control the thickness [...]


Silica Spacers

Silica spacer is widely used for frame gap control, as well as cell gap control for special applications. EPRUI supplies silica spacers with perfect spherical morphology, precisely controlled particle size, narrow particle size distribution, excellent resistance against heat, cold and chemicals and great mechanical strength and superior crush resistance. EPRUI [...]


Plastic Spacers

Plastic spacers are made of highly crosslinked monodisperse polymer microspheres, which have very narrow particle size distribution. EPRUI supplies plastic spacers for LCD, PDLC display which can precisely control the panel thickness without damage on the base plate and make the liquid screen far greater clarity. [...]

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