EPRUI Biotech Co. Ltd. owns 1000㎡ research lab which equips the most advanced analytical instrument and inspection equipment including several high performance liquid chromatography / HPLC made by Waters and Shimadzu, AKTA purifier by GE, FTIR ultraviolet spectrometer, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, high speed centrifuge and so on.

Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer 1

Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer 2

Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer 3

Protein Purification System1

Protein Purification System 2

HPLC Equipment 1

HPLC Equipment 2

HPLC Equipment 3

HPLC Equipment 4

HPLC Equipment 5

HPLC Equipment 6

HPLC Equipment 7

FTIR Spectrometer 1

FTIR Spectrometer 2

FTIR Spectrometer 3