Project Description

EPRUI Biotech provides high quality gold plated spacers for microelectronic packaging in electronics manufacturing.

With better resolutions and decreasing number of circuit chips or modules in liquid-crystal displays (LCD), the input/output (I/O) density in integrated circuit increases while the size and pitch of the interconnection bumps become very small. Au plated particles are electrically conductive and typically dispersed in a binder to form anisotropic conductive adhesive (ACA) materials such as anisotropic conductive film (ACF) or anisotropic conductive paste (ACP) employed in the connection of microelectrodes.

Conductive Au Particles

EPRUI supplies gold conductive microspheres have outstanding size uniformity, high conductivity, appropriate elasticity and strong adhesion between the metal layer and the resin core.

Designed specifically for vertical connection of fine-pitch electrodes, Gold conductive microbeads are used, for example, in the interconnect between the two glass panels in the fabrication of LCD cells.

Conductive Au Particles


Monodisperse resin particles as core and metallic gold as shell

  • Broad size selection: 3.0 µm − 10.0 µm (in 0.1 µm increment)
  • Uniform in size and shape, coefficient of variation (CV) ≤ 3.5%
  • Good dispersivity, no overlaps or aggregates
  • Suitable hardness for high conduction reliability
  • Low resistance, high stability under heat and humidity


Density1.7 g/cm3
Coefficient of thermal expansion  10-5 ℃-15-7(core); 1.3-1.4(metal)
Volume Conductance﹤1×10-2

Product List

ProductParticle Size
CV.K at 10% deformation
Metal ThicknessMetal ContentApplication
GD7-10um0.25um≤3.5%~450100-150nm25-35%LCD Panel
GDL7-10um0.25um≤3.5%~250100-150nm25-35%ACF, ACP

The K value at 10% deformation is defined by the following equation:

K Value defined equation

wherein F and S represent a load value (kgf) and a compression displacement (mm) at 10% compression deformation of the particle, respectively, and R represents a radius (mm) of the particle.

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