Project Description

conductive-Ni-particlesEPRUI supplies highly uniform nickel plated particles which has high conductivity and appropriate elasticity. There is also a strong adhesion between the metal layer and the resin core of EPRUI conductive Ni particles. As a conductive filler, Nickel conductive spacers are used in coatings, adhesives, printing ink, plastics, and rubber to provide electrical conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, and antistatic resistance in electronics, communication devices, and avionics.

1. Monodisperse resin particles as core and metallic nickel as shell

2. Broad size selection: 3.0 µm − 10.0 µm (in 0.1 µm increment)

3.Uniform in size and shape, coefficient of variation (CV) ≤ 3.5%

4. Good dispersivity, no overlaps or aggregates

5. Suitable hardness for high conduction reliability

6. Low resistance, high stability under heat and humidity

Density 1.7 g/cm3
Coefficient of thermal expansion  10-5 ℃-1 5-7(core); 1.3-1.4(metal)
Volume Conductance ﹤1×10-2

Product Particle Size Increment CV. K at 10% deformation Metal Thickness Metal Content Application
um um Kgf/mm2
EPRUI-SNI 7-10um 0.25um ≤3.5% ~450 100-150nm 25-35% LCD Panel
3-6.75um 0.25um ≤3.5% ~500 100-150nm 30-40%