Project Description

SPE-HLB sorbents are produced with a special polymerization technique. It is corrresponding to Water Oasis HLB or Phenomenex Strata X. They are reverse phase sorbents wettable by water with balanced hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity capable of satisfying most solid phase extrction needs.

Monodisperse microspheres in SPE-HLB sorbents are made with outstanding ability to retain polar compounds. They are quite suitable for the isolation of compounds with none or medium polarity.



HLB Reverse Phase Chromatography are quite suitable for the isolation of compounds with none or medium polarity.

Due to a large surface area, SPE-HLB has a very high adsorption capacity which not only effectively reduces flowthrough, but also substantially decreases the volume of eluent passing through a compact column thereby raising the elution stability and speed.

It is suitable for separation and isolation of a very wide range of organic compounds such as barbiturates, antibiotics, phthalazines, caffeine, drugs, dyes, aromatic oil, lipid soluble vitamins, fungicides, herbicides, agricultural chemicals, hydrocarbon compounds, phenols, phthalates, steroids, surfactants, water-soluble vitamins, etc.


  • Hydrophilic-lipophilic balance chemical structure
  • Strong hydrophobic water -wettable polymer sorbents
  • Still have good analyte retention even dry
  • Stable in many organic solvents

Product List

Product NameModelMatrix
Hydrophilic Lipophilic Balanced Reverse Phase ChromatographySPE-HLB
Corresponding to Waters Oasis HLB or Phenomenex Strata X

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