EPRUI Biotech Co.Ltd.cooperate tightly with top microspheres research centers in China and can supply a whole set of monodisperse silica microbeads for labs, institutions, universities or related industry. Our monodisperse SiO2 beads includes: Nonporous silica microspheres, mesporous silica microparticles.


  1. Narrow particle size distribution. CV.<3%
  2. Perfect spherical morphology
  3. Stable chemical property and easy to store


  1. Photonic crystals research in order to build an ordered structure materials;
  2. biomedical testing;
  3. catalyst support
  4. high performance polymer additives , polymer nano- composite fillers
  5. advanced ceramics preparation
  6. biomedical applications
  7. chemical-mechanical polishing
  8. size standard substance
  9. LCD spacers
  10. Chromatography packing materials,column fillers
  11. artificial stones