Project Description

silica chromatography packingSilica gel chromatography packing is made of monodisperse porous silica microspheres with highly uniform particle size, perfect spherical morphology and optimized pore structure. Our silica gel chromatography media meets the requirements of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis in the laboratory and preparative separations in industry scale. The monodisperse spherical porous silica gel has distinct advantages such as highly uniform particle size, perfect spherical morphology, outstanding mechanical strength, easy column packing, high column efficiency, good resolution, low back pressure and exceptional batch to batch reproducibility. It has already been widely used in analysis and separation of organic compounds, peptides, nucleic acids, antibiotics and low molecular weight pharmaceuticals.
silica microspheres
EPRUI Biotech Co. Ltd. supplies highly uniform, ultra pure porous silica microspheres with various particle size ranging from 1.7um to 40um.EPRUI develops new surface bonding and end capping technology to provide non polar packing media such as C18, C8 and C4.

1. Highly uniform particle size and perfect spherical morphology
2. Optimized pore structure
3. Unique surface bonding technology
4. High mechanical strength
5. Easy column packing
6. Low back pressure
7. High efficiency and resolution
8. High loading capacity and high selectivity
9. Long lifetime and can be repacked
10. Consistent product quality
Silica gel chromatography has been successfully applied to the isolation and purification, including plant extracts (huperzine A, ginkgolide, panax notoginseng saponins), antibioticsĀ (vancomycin, daptomycin, caspofungin, tiacumicin, Pneumocandin B0, cyclosprin, erythromycin), polypeptides (tacrolimus, thymalfasin, bivalirudin) and others (cod liver oil, bortezomib, flurbiprofen axetil), etc.

Normal Phase Silica Gel Chromatography
Item Particle Size Pore Size
EPRUI-PSi-1.7 1.7um 100A,180A
EPRUI-PSi-3 3um 100A,180A
EPRUI-PSi-5 5um 100A,180A
EPRUI-PSi-10 10um 100A,180A
EPRUI-PSi-20 20um 100A,180A
EPRUI-PSi-30 30um 100A,180A
EPRUI-PSi-40 40um 100A,180A
EPRUI-PSi-50 50um 100A,180A
EPRUI-PSi-100 100um 100A,180A
Reversed Phase Silica Gel Chromatography
Item Particle Size Pore Size Surface Bonding
EPRUI-PSi-1.7C18/C8/C4 1.7um 100A,180A C18,C8,C4
EPRUI-PSi-3C18/C8/C4 3um 100A,180A C18,C8,C4
EPRUI-PSi-5C18/C8/C4 5um 100A,180A C18,C8,C4
EPRUI-PSi-10C18/C8/C4 10um 100A,180A C18,C8,C4
EPRUI-PSi-20C18/C8/C4 20um 100A,180A C18,C8,C4
EPRUI-PSi-30C18/C8/C4 30um 100A,180A C18,C8,C4
EPRUI-PSi-40C18/C8/C4 40um 100A,180A C18,C8,C4
EPRUI-PSi-50C18/C8/C4 50um 100A,180A C18,C8,C4
EPRUI-PSi-100C18/C8/C4 100um 100A,180A C18,C8,C4
Polar Silica Gel Chromatography
EPRUI-PSi-10HILIC 10um 100A,180A HILIC
EPRUI-PSi-15HILIC 15um 100A,180A HILIC
EPRUI-PSi-20HILIC 20um 100A,180A HILIC
EPRUI-PSi-30HILIC 30um 100A,180A HILIC
EPRUI-PSi-40HILIC 40um 100A,180A HILIC
EPRUI-PSi-50HILIC 50um 100A,180A HILIC
EPRUI-PSi-100HILIC 100um 100A,180A HILIC
EPRUI-PSi-3NH2 3um 100A,180A NH2
EPRUI-PSi-5NH2 5um 100A,180A NH2
EPRUI-PSi-10NH2 10um 100A,180A NH2
EPRUI-PSi-15NH2 15um 100A,180A NH2
EPRUI-PSi-20NH2 20um 100A,180A NH2
EPRUI-PSi-30NH2 30um 100A,180A NH2
EPRUI-PSi-40NH2 40um 100A,180A NH2
EPRUI-PSi-50NH2 50um 100A,180A NH2
EPRUI-PSi-100NH2 100um 100A,180A NH2