Project Description

Vanco-purification-chromatographyEPRUI Biotech has developed a vancomycin purification chromatography medium which is specially designed for high efficient separation and purification of Vancomycin. EPRUI vanco chromatography media is a spherical and monodisperse microspheres with precisely controlled particle size and optimized pore structure. EPRUI Vanco chromatography media  provides excellent selectivity, high retention capacity, low back pressure, minimal elution volume, and high recovery yield of Vancomycin. In comparison with other vancomycin purification chromatography available in the market, EPRUI Vanco possesses much higher efficiency in removing dechlorovancomycin. EPRUI Vanco media is very stable in almost all aqueous solutions including NaOH (1 M) and HCl (1 M), and organic solvents, such as IPA, DMSO, THF, Methanol, Acetone, Acetonitrile, guanidine hydrochloride (6 M), etc.

Breakthrough Curves for Vancomycin
Chromatography Data for Vancomycin

ResinSample Loading capacity(mg/ml)PurityYield
EPRUI Vanco36.7≥95%81.4%
Competitor H36.7≥95%43.5%

Spherical morphologyEasy column packing
Highly uniform particle sizeHigh selectivity and loading capacity
Optimized pore structureLong lifetime
Good PH StabilityLow back pressure
No filter impuritiesConsistent high quality
High rigidityHigh purity
Large scale production capacity

MatrixSpherical monodisperse porous PS/DVB
Particle Size40um
Coefficient of Variation<3%
Pore Size300A
Pore Volume~1.6cm3/g
Surface Area850m2/g
PH Stability1-14
Operating Temperature4-60℃
Max Operating Pressure40 bar

ItemMatrixParticle SizePore SizeCV.
EPRUI VancoPS/DVB40um300A<3%

Dynamic Binding Capacity of EPRUI Vancomycin Purification Chromatography Media
EPRUI Vanco exhibits much higher dynamic binding capacity for Vancomycin and leads to a much higher purity and recovery yield than competitor’s adsorbents as shown below.

Resin10% Capacity (mg/ml)100% Capacity(mg/ml)
Competitor H9.646